Have it all with

Installation in a few minutes, sale in a few seconds. Compatible with any device.

Unlimited number of users for a fixed amount per month.


Why a point of sale system?

If you are looking for the best software to help you manage your business with integrated delivery, then we offer TIKTAK POS/POS. Unlike the manual method, our software offers the efficiency required to run a business in today’s world.

Best of all, it has different functionalities that are suitable for different types of businesses. These features allow you to perform multiple tasks according to the requirements of your business.


Everything your shop needs

TIKTAK POS/POS is based on an intelligent interface that any commercial company can use without any difficulty. Thanks to its flexibility, you can configure TIKTAK POS/POS to suit your exact needs.

The TIKTAK POS remains reliable even if your connection is not.

You need an internet connection to start the POS, but it remains operational even if you are disconnected from the network.

Paiement en ligne et TPE

Payment online, or on delivery with TPE

You can choose to offer your customers online payment, payment by card (TPE) or cash on delivery.

  • Online payment (on the web)
  • Payment by card (TPE)
  • Payment in cash

All online and credit card payments are secured by our partner.

Gardez le contact avec vos clients

Loyalty, Management and Inventory

  • Reward your loyal customers with points, gifts and discounts through the loyalty programme.
    The entire procedure is fast and can be fully automated.
    It's even easier to get to know your customers thanks to loyalty cards with one barcode per customer.
  • Register your customers and keep track of their buying habits. You can send them special offers and sales information with mailing, managed by TIKTAK MARKETING.
    Register tax IDs for your business customers and give them invoices directly (or send them by email).

Real-time control and accurate forecasting to manage supplies.

TIKTAK POS/POS automatically synchronises transactions from the point of sale to stock. You can see product availability in real time.

What's more, TIKTAK POS/POS is compatible with e-commerce CMS. You don't need to set up separate stocks for the two applications.

Your business can be truly multi-channel, without the hassle.