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Boost your business with express delivery

Tiktak Express

Reach more clients

Nowadays Canadian customers expect restaurants to be digitalized. They expect a home delivery service.

For years, consumers have demonstrated their willingness to pay extra for delivery.

Tiktak Express

Focus on your core business

As a restaurant, you need to focus on your core business of preparing the best meals for your customers.

We offer you the platform, the visibility, the technology, the know-how, the delivery people and the speed to bring orders to your customers.

Tiktak Express

How does it work?

Order procedure

Your customers can order via your restaurant's website, via your personalised page on our platform, by phone, by chat-bot or via your social networks. 

Receive notifications

When a customer places an order, you will receive a notification with all the details.

Fast couriers on site

As soon as you accept the order, the nearest TikTak deliverer will receive a notification on his TikTak application.

Satisfied customers

The TikTak delivery man will then pick up the order and deliver it to your customer. 

Tiktak Express

Online Ordering

TikTak Express offers your company a unique and innovative multi-channel way to offer your products online. All orders are integrated and shared with your own (or our) point of sale system.

Through your website

Integrate with our API or have our marketing experts build your own website.

Through chat-bots

Our developers can install a chat-bot on your website to take orders directly.

Customized page

With a simple click, your customers will be directed to your personalised e-commerce page.

Your social networks

Allow your customers to place orders via your social networks, managed by our contact centre.

By phone

Receive new orders via your own telephone number or via our toll-free number.

Mobile ordering

A personalized web page, optimized for use and order processing on mobile devices.

Tiktak express

An easy-to-use mobile application

  • Incoming orders are displayed on your tablet or smartphone.
  • After acceptance of the order, the customer will be informed that his order is being prepared.
  • Thanks to our intelligent geolocation technology, the nearest delivery person will be notified.
  • Our TikTak courier will scan and pick up the delivery on time.
  • The customer can follow and communicate with the delivery man via the mobile application.
  • Upon delivery of the order, you will receive a notification of receipt of delivery.
  • An average delivery time of 32 minutes between order and delivery
  • A geolocation system for order traceability
  • A contact centre dedicated to optimizing the customer experience
  • Covid-19 measurements: Sanitary hygiene, respectable distance, contactless delivery

Why choose TikTak Express?

  • Extensive experience in the field of delivery
  • Multinational enterprise: Canada, Morocco and soon in France
  • Innovative technology
  • Follow-up of your orders in real time
  • Online and offline marketing service
  • Contact centre at your disposal from order to delivery
  • Fast and efficient service
  • Database security
  • Personalized service for your company